Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blooms Go Boom

Top brass monitor the Bin Laden hit from the Situation Room

"Obama's Reset:
Arab Spring or Same Old Thing?"

by Nick Turse

How the President and the Pentagon Prop Up Both Middle Eastern Despots and American Arms Dealers


"For decades, the U.S. has provided military aid, facilitated the sale of weaponry, and transferred vast quantities of arms to a host of Middle Eastern despots. Arming Arab autocrats, however, isn’t only the work of presidents past. A TomDispatch analysis of Pentagon documents finds that the Obama administration has sought to send billions of dollars in weapons systems -- from advanced helicopters to fighter jets -- to the very regimes that have beaten, jailed, and killed pro-democracy demonstrators, journalists, and reform activists throughout the Arab Spring.

The administration’s abiding support for the militaries of repressive regimes calls into question the president’s rhetoric about change. The arms deals of recent years also shed light on the shadowy, mutually supportive relationships among the U.S. military, top arms dealers, and Arab states that are of increasing importance to the Pentagon."

Complete article viewable here.

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