Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Sinkhole That Is Bank of America

Jonathan Weil,


[update 07-22-11:]

From ZeroHedge:

Instead of $8.5 billion, Bank of America is actually on the hook for an amount that is at least 3 times greater if one uses proper impaired security valuation protocols...

Should the true extent of deterioration of Bank of America's books be revealed, then its market cap would be not $100 billion but some modest fraction thereof. In fact, even John Paulson, formerly the biggest believer in BAC has now washed his hands. And he doesn't give up (read: look foolish to the investment community) easily. Our advice is to have a chat with Jon Weil: after all he is the man who said to "Curse the geniuses who brought us this madness."

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